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Each classroom at GATE is named after a different precious stone. Just as each gem has its own special qualities, so to do the children of each classroom. However, gems must be cut and polished to reveal their true beauty. Inside each classroom at GATE, the work of fashioning a shining jewel is undertaken; a teacher sees the potential within each student and helps them to develop into a jewel worthy of a place on any king’s crown.

Amber is sometimes associated with the qualities of compassion and understanding; two qualities that are very important for a world leader. Some think that amber attracts these qualities in life. Some cultures believe that amber represents the soul of the tiger and imparts courage. Amber students are sunny, carefree and ready for every challenge!

The emerald is thought by some to be a symbol of reason and wisdom. Emerald is also sometimes associated with hope and love. Harmony and balance can be achieved with the influence of emerald. Emerald Class will rely on all of these characteristics on its journey to global success and happiness!

Jasper is one of the oldest known gemstones and there are many varieties of jasper. All types of jasper are thought of as being strong, securing stones. The students of Jasper Class will be strong in their resolve to do their very best as they work to make the world a better place by standing against negative influences, just as the stone they are named after does.

The garnet is recognized by many as a stone that boosts self-esteem and popularity. Garnet Class will be confident in its success as it progresses in its studies. Garnet also offers protection during travels, which will be helpful on the wonderful journey that lies ahead of each Garnet student as they reach for the stars.

Opals are thought by some to bring out spontaneity and new ideas. The stimulating opal causes excitement and the students of Opal Class won’t be able to contain their enthusiasm. Working with such energy will ensure their success on the world stage. Opal, often known as a stone of hope, is fitting as a symbol of students who have so much to look forward to in the future.

The ruby allows one to live up to one’s full potential. Contentment and peace also come from rubies and the students of Ruby Class will be able to rest peacefully each night knowing that they are living up to the potential that lies within them as they study and learn alongside their friends.

The students of Jade Class can rely on the stone they are named after to protect them from misfortune. Their academic success will be no accident either--hard work and talent, along with the love that jade is thought to attract, will be at the root of their rise to global recognition.

Coral aids in visualization and meditation. The students of Coral Class will be able to see exactly where they are headed and they will work hard to get there. As a symbol of life energy, Coral Class will never tire as they work to achieve their goals and prepare themselves to make the world a better place.

The deep blue ocean depths and the light blue expanse of the sky are reminders of the potential that lies within each student of the Sapphire Class. Some say that this blue stone can offer mental clarity and enhance perception. Nothing will escape the eager minds of Sapphire Class as they strive to meet their full potential.

Black onyx is a stone that some say gives strength and wisdom. The students of Onyx Class are preparing for a journey of learning. They will become stronger and wiser through their studies and like true pieces of black onyx, they will take what they have learned and help others to be stronger and wiser too.

Crystal is a powerful stone that has healing power. Ancient people believed that it was a form of ice crystal that would never melt. Like the power of the stone, students in Crystal Class will amplify their potential and energy to influence everybody, like great leaders, and inspire us every day.

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