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If you don’t mind, I would like to start by telling you a personal story.

I grew up in a quiet place surrounded by my family. One of my favorite games as a child was to throw magic dust into the air (which was actually just dirt from the ground) and follow the cloud to new and exotic places where I would meet fantastic creatures and ask them about their life. I preferred the company of adults and loved to question their answers constantly, which got me into a lot of trouble.
In fact, my mother always told me that my mind would either get me in lots of trouble one day or make me very successful. When I was five my IQ was tested and I was placed in a gifted and talented program. Throughout the rest of my school life these were the only classes that ever thrilled me. In all the others I got bored quickly, was known as stubborn, and annoyed my teachers with “unnecessary” questions and debate. In college I rarely studied but somehow graduated at the top of my class, which greatly annoyed all my friends. Today I still don’t like to study, but I love to learn, read, write, sing songs and dance in my living room when no one is looking! But I digress, my mother was right about my free mind in both regards… it has made me very successful AND gotten me into a lot of trouble!

If you are here today then you already know the difference between a smart child and a gifted one. Your child is not me but is like me in some ways. They need opportunities for in-depth inquiries and the ability to explore their potential. They need to be able to demonstrate and develop their individual gifts. They need to identify their own interests, learning preferences and challenges. They need to stop working when they are finished even if it only took them 5 minutes, and they need the ability to continue working when they are focused and interested, despite the fact that 30 minutes has passed. They need to be around children that are like-minded so that they are not always the one helping their friend, but one of many who can learn from each other. These are the opportunities that GATE provides. You’re child has an innate gift of knowledge and as a GATE teacher I am devoted to helping him or her discover it.

All children are deserving of the best that we can give them. This means adapting both parenting style and the educational environment so that each child can grow and blossom. At GATE we are ready to adapt for and learn from your exceptional children. I look forward to the next year and am so excited for all the wonderful times to come! Thank you for giving me the opportunity!

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